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Dan Rogers, Heros Last Rite

“It was during the busiest music week of the year, Fredericton's Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, that I had the opportunity to see Panda Bee Catastrophe. Although they're one of the newest bands in Fredericton, most of the members are familiar faces in the local scene going as far back as the early 2000s. It's strangely satisfying to see people that you know from disparate sides of the scene find each other and play music together. Their combined experience was further evidenced by their well dressed and well rehearsed performance. 

Playing 4 hours a night on back to back nights, an impressive feat on its own, they played a good mix of cover songs, leaning heavily towards 90's alternative. They rocked most of the classic songs including Radiohead and Weezer but also navigated some of the softer and more melancholy tunes characteristic of the era with a surprising authenticity. Vocalist Sarah McAdam, who I've known for years but didn't even know could sing, was solid all night but really excelled on angrier songs like Alanis Morisette's "You Outta Know". I could definitely see (and would love to hear) those types of songs emerge as the band ventures further into writing their own material. All in all a great show by a band with only a few gigs under their belt. I definitely look forward to seeing and hearing more from Panda Bee Catastrophe.”

Dan Rogers, Heros Last Rite

Meagan McLoud, CHSR 97.9FM

“Panda Bee Catastrophe is by far the best band in Fredericton in my opinion. I think anyone looking for 90's rock in their lives should definitely book these guys.”

Meagan McLoud, CHSR 97.9 FM

Matt Cummings

"Panda Bee sounds like the lovechild of The Cranberries and Bush."

Roland, Affirmation Lounge

"Sounds like a combination of Portisehead and The Cranberries"

Michael Lee, Cyphier

"What do I think of Panda Bee - I get asked that alot.  While our politics and opinions are at times at odds, Panda Bee is like the Cyphier of rock and roll...they are dedicated, driven and far beyond talented. We are very honored to have them as part of our family."