Panda Bee Catastrophe albums UNTIL SOLD OUT

We're selling out all Panda Bee Catastrophe albums at a reduced rate to catch up our lingering band debt (we bought a trailer and stuff). All copies of The Argus Files are sold out, however we will make it downloadable. Physical copies of Consent is Sexy are available at Tony's Music Box and Things Just Add Smoke and is downloadable through the button below. 

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Old school PBC merch


Designed by Drunken Penguin and edited for printing by Linsay Morgan of Heavy Rayne and 

Printing done by Ink Monkeys locally here in Fredericton on slave labor free shirts. 

Old school merch here

Local Love line


Panda Bee has teamed up with Re:Psycho Textiles to bring you an incredible line of locally made band merch. And we mean locally made. Locally sewn shirts, bandanas, undeware and so much more. Formerly known as A Crafty Stitch, seamstress and designer Amanda is a true fabric witch and will soon be providing not only Greg, Ivo, Jeff and Scott's uniforms (bowling shirts) but also all of Sarah's stage dresses. 

Local printing, 3D design and carving and many medium artist PLA3D Designs has printed a wood, eco-sustainable copy of our logo for us to use over and over to print each shirt with Re:Psycho Textiles and not only put a drop of sweat, tears and love into each shirt but reduce our ecological impact at the same time. 

Thank you, you amazing, talented local artists! 

And thank YOU for buying our merch so we can continue to vote with our collective money for more LOCAL, more ART, and less megacorporations! 

Place orders for RePsycho here