Meet The Band

Greg Perry


Greg Perry started playing drums at the age of 12, then guitar at 15, and has been in love with music ever since. He even wrote his first 2 original songs at 16. (Rumour has it he can still play them) 

He has played with a long list of musicians over the years but found his music family with Panda Bee. 

Now, Greg feels best when on stage, with his Les Paul in hand, belting and ripping out big tunes with his favorite pandas. 

Check out Greg's solo YouTube channel!

Sarah McAdam


Sarah has been writing and singing songs since she was about 4 years old. They used to be about how sad road kill made her, and what a shame it was that no one was coming to look after the animals, now they're pretty much about the same thing, but replace road kill with humans, and add a heavy dash of feminist revolt. 

Inspired by bands like Pussy Riot, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and No Doubt as well as albums like Alanis Morissettes Jagged Little Pill and Our Lady Peaces Clumsy, she sings from her guts and soul, writes from her brain and lady parts, and talks too much between songs. But she's working on that. 

Read Sarah's Lyrics (and Linsay Morgans single) here!

Ivo Shandor


Ivo Shandor plays keyboards because when he was in high school, his buddy wanted to start a band and asked him if he played any instruments. He didn’t, but he had a toy keyboard and that was good enough. After reading up on how to play a keyboard, he developed an interest in electronic music.

When his high school band auditioned for their first gig, everybody in the band chickened out except for Ivo and the lead singer, so they told everyone they were a techno band. That way they could get away with showing up with only a keyboard and no other instruments.

Ivo has been playing keys in various bands and experimenting with electronic music production ever since.

Scott Rosengren


Scott became our bassist in 2017 after briefly serving as a fill-in during our tour of Newfoundland. Influenced by Flea, Joe Principe and Lemmy, he has been playing for over a decade. Despite this, his first show with the band was his first time playing live on stage.

In addition to bass, Scott has also started working as the bands’ recording engineer. Recording at the Panda Bee house, he has done work with Jake Cormier and Lady And A Vagrant while looking forward to the next Panda Bee album.

Watch Scott heckle the US president here

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