Fantastic People Who Do Fantastic Things

We're so delighted we've gotten to meet and collaborate with so many great people through this band. 

Here's just a bit of some of the great bands, performers, media outlets and people we've met along the way. Please check them out! 

Musicians We Dig

Disraeli Dreamers are an amazing band, full of talented people who also happen to be really down to earth and friendly. Winnipeg based for now, but they'll be international in no time! Check 'em out! 

Cyphier have been friends of ours since before we met offline. They're loud, angry, and say important things. Southern Ontario Industrial at its best. 

We met the Broken Glass Kids when they came this way in 2016. In 2017, we missed them so much we had to go jam with some of them and their friends. Folk Punk, sweet harmonies, banjo and conscientious lyrics! 

We got to play with Nervosa once, they are an incredibly powerful all female band that rip apart the music they play with incredible precision. Such badasses! 

Other Talented Folx

Grid City Magazine and The East are great local magazines who have helped us promote several non-profit gigs we arranged. Check them out, advertise with them, subscribe with them. 

Things Just Add Smoke has been an incredible supporter from the very beginning of Panda Bee. Owner Jackie (and store dog Moose) have helped us with sponsorship of items to give away at shows and support on our tours. Check them out, 2nd oldest head shop in Canada!! (The country of headshops.)

We've also had HUGE help from the following businesses and we wouldn't be able to have done half the cool stuff we've gotten to do so far without their help!

Digital World and Evergreen Traders, Wolfprints Photography, Pop Culture Propaganda, Drunken Penguin, Hope Mansion Records (run by this talented guy), Steve Wallace Charlie Jacklin at Discrunner, and of course Marijuana for Trauma, who bought us our first tour van! 

RePsycho Textiles and PLA3D Designs

We have been working with Pierre-Luc Arsenault of PLA3D Designs since early on in our story, and recently we benefited from the collaboration of PLA3D and fantastic textiles artist Amanda Harding, who collectively created our newest line of Panda Bee merch, from design and sewing to printing and finishing, this line of band merch is 100% local! 

Check out Repsycho Textiles work here!