Panda Bee loves you as you are and fights with love for equality for you and all!


About Us


Panda Bee has been rocking audiences from stages at local festivals like Future Forest, East Coast Awakening and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival to bars and nightclubs in every province in Canada since it's birth under the name 'Panda Bee Catastrophe' three years ago. 

Fronted by a soulful rock singer with artful and poignant solos from a strong mixed rock driven guitarist, funky rock bass lines, rich baritone backup vocals all filled out with a touch of classic keys and a driving drum beat keep Panda Bee fans dancing, drinking, and cheering for more! 

Just about to launch our NEWEST set, and drop another album next spring... We're a passionate band with a stage show packed with energy, impressive solos and a band chemistry that can't be beat. Panda Bee is ready to ROCK your stage! 

We care about...


Supporting marginalized people, including people under the LBGTQIA2+ rainbow and people of color, women and non-binary folx and people with all types of disabilities.

We also collaborate with local non profits like Relay For Life for the Canadian Cancer Society, Bikers Against Child Abuse and the Oromocto SPCA. 

We also care about YOU! And your feedback, your feelings about our music and what we say, and who YOU are and how you got here. Connect with us on social media or send us an email if we won't be playing in your locale soon and you miss us like we miss you. 

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Why we do this


We write and record songs we feel passionate about, with people we love. No major labels or promoters, no fancy high end connections, just us, our friends who happen to be good at things like recording and engineering (when it's not all done in band), creating logos, photos and merch, and a bunch of friends putting on the kind of live music performance that makes people feel, think, dance, love each other and party. 

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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or interested in collaboration? Reach out and let's make music happen. 

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Music*Musique NB is an incredible collection of resources and partners. We are so lucky to be from a province with so much talent and focus on the arts! 

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